Amazing Features of Mobile Slots

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Slot machines are one of the most fun and well-known online phone casino games. With the increase in the number of mobile casinos, the number of mobile gaming machines has also increased rapidly. These games are extremely interesting, and you can play slots anytime, anywhere on your mobile devices. The common mobile games could not provide a wide range of functions, however, since the video slots were introduced, they have become the player’s favourites. Video slots for mobile devices have many entertainment features and graphics that allow them to have fun for a long time and ensure victory in other ways. Some of the most famous casinos, such as Jackpot Mobile Casino, have an extensive collection of these games.

Here are some special features that you will find in most mobile slots.

Dispersion symbols

The scatter symbol is a special symbol that has a single task in the slot game and is intended to issue bonuses, such as free spins, multipliers, coins and, sometimes, bonus games. Although scatter symbols are not paid combinations, they make mobile slots even funnier.

Bonus games

The bonus games are like a small game inside a slot machine. The bonus games take the player to a completely different screen and give him the opportunity to win several prizes. The bonus games are of different types, but the player must receive three scatter or bonus symbols to execute these games.

Free Spins Bonus

Free spins bonuses are what make any slot game much more popular among players. The more free spins there are in online slots, the more players will like. Free spins bonuses are part of the bonus games or activated with the landing of three or more scattered symbols.

243 ways to win

Normally slot machines have game lines. However, the function of 243 ways to win denies the need for pay lines and gives players a much easier and better chance to win the slot machine. Therefore, each character can contribute to the victory, only if it is from left to right.

Wild symbols and their types

The wild symbol has become a necessity in mobile slots in our time. Wild symbols are used in place of all symbols in slot games, except for bonus and scatter symbols. They help the player to make winning combinations. They come in different types, such as

  • Wilds stacked
  • Expanding Jokers
  • Wild Sticky
  • Random characters
  • Gamble option

The next special feature available in someĀ mobile casino is the Gamble feature. This function is activated only when the player makes a winning combination. With the help of the game function, the player can play his winnings for something bigger and better.

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